We at Summit Systems Ltd welcome you to our website. We offer a wide range of products and sevices and our technical team is readily available to support you and help solve your technical and engineering problems. Our designs and services meet international quality and trade standards and are delivered timely. Our engineering services are not limited to information on this site, please contact us with your specific engineering and technical problems.
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We at Summit Systems Ltd welcome you to our website. We offer a wide range of products and sevices and our technical team is readily available to support you and help solve your technical and engineering problems. Our designs and services meet international quality and trade standards and are delivered timely. Our engineering services are not limited to information on this site, please contact us with your specific engineering and technical problems.
Access Control Systems
Automatic Sliding Doors
Automatic (Remote Controlled) Gates
Automatic Barriers
Metal Detectors And Baggage Scanners
Office Access Control And Attendance
Hotel Smart Card Door Keys
The many advantages of automated gates and barriers are now
widely recognized for private, public and commercial premises
and estates. They bring security against intruders, all-weather ease
of operation and prestige. Users can conveniently open and
close gates from the comfort of their cars even in adverse weather
Some successful or attempted assassination take place at gates due to associated delays in
manually opening gates.
Summit Systems Ltd supplies and installs the very best in automatic gate equipment. We
have a commitment to safety; all our products come with essential safety features as
standard, to ensure all users will be safe at all times.

The advantages of the systems we market include:


System uses electricity and in-built battery backup for prolonged use during power
Family and pets will be safe and secure.
Increased personal security with gates operated from the safety of your car.
Gatehouse control is available for gate keepers to operate gate for visitors.
Manual changeover / control is available as a bypass during maintenance and possible
fault condition.
Increased privacy - no uninvited visitors.
Ease of operation, greater convenience and improved quality of life.
Safety devices as standard.
Various control options.
Expert advice and technical support / back up.
A sliding door operator (or sliding door opener or automatic
sliding door operator) is a device that operates a sliding door for
pedestrian use. It opens the door automatically, waits, then
closes it. Sliding door operators are typically used on the outside
doors of large retail businesses (supermarkets), hotels, offices,
airports, and other establishments where space may be a
premium and convenience a necessity.
Summit Systems Ltd has gained reputation for outstanding attention to detail and delivering
automated door solutions that are rugged and durable. It is important to note that automated
doors may be operating almost constantly throughout the entire
day, and that anything less than the most rigorously tested and reliable door system
represents a risk. Our systems have in-built battery for extended hours of use when electric
power fails.
Choosing Summit Systems Ltd to install, service and maintain your automatic entrances
means you can be confident of efficient and reliable operation of your doors, as well as
optimum convenience and safety for those using them.
Equipped with the right parts and knowledge, our technicians can maintain, upgrade and
service systems we install as well as any type or make installed by others. With vast
experience and reliable diagnostic tools we can provide world-class service in all of the
markets we serve, ensuring safe operation and helping to protect your investment and
extend the life of your automatic entrances.
We can use Service Upgrade Kit for sliding door operators to refit your existing operator
with the latest technology to meet the safety, performance and efficiency requirements of
your automated entrance. It allows our certified technicians to replace the drive unit, control
unit and transmission components while retaining the original mechanical parts, support beam
and cover, resulting in considerable savings compared to the purchase of a new operator.
We also handle other types of automatic doors including automatic swing door openers,
revolving doors, bank entrance doors, etc.
The key role of barriers is to prevent unauthorized access whilst
providing minimum inconvenience to those who have
authorization. An automatic barrier enables full control over who
is allowed access through any controlled point at any time of
the day. Not only an efficient and effective way of increasing
security at premises, barriers can also double up as a way of
monitoring the number of vehicles or persons passing through the
control point. They are weather proof (can be installed for
use in any weather condition) and suitable for large and small
premises, car park and road entry points.
Summit Systems Ltd installs barriers perfect for low and high
volumes of traffic, providing maximum flow capacity, whilst
causing minimal disruption. Our barriers are supplied complete
and are ready to accept power and data connections.
Boom arms are available in a number of different lengths to suit various road widths.
The barriers can be interfaced with identification (ID) card readers, installed access
control or ticketing systems to grant access to staff, residents of premises, booked in
visitors, etc. Each barrier mechanism is individually adjusted to meet your needs, ensuring
exceptional durability and delivering longer lasting, problem-free operation.
We also design and install specialized barriers and barricades that can be raised or
lowered at particular times of the day depending on what types of vehicles that should be
allowed access at certain periods of the day. Other designs permit certain weights of
vehicles and disallow others. When integrated properly into a total security system,
including fences, lights, alarms, and other security components, barriers are a key measure
in preventing threats to sensitive resources. From car park security to stopping vehicle
access at refineries, there are a variety of suitable barricades available.
We also handle repairs and maintenance of automated barriers.
Metal detectors and scanners are generally used for the detection
of weapons such as knives and guns, especially in airport
security posts, banks, prisons, schools, nightclubs, retail outlets,
warehouses, conferences, and other security priority areas.
Metal detectors are routinely used for police searches, crowd
control, and package inspection. The ability to detect
weapons and other dangerous metal objects increases security for
all concerned. Handheld detectors help safeguard establishments
and can be used for any special event.
They are also applied in de-mining (the detection of land mines)
activities and in the construction industry to detect steel
reinforcing bars in concrete and pipes and wires buried in walls
and floors.

Summit Systems Ltd markets, installs and maintains handheld,
walkthrough types, and baggage scanners widely employed in
security posts for detection of dangerous weapons.
Our products include a range of lightweight handheld metal
detectors suitable for tough environments and constant use.
The detectors can find both ferrous and non ferrous metal and are
available with increasing levels of sensitivity and both audio and
visual alarms.
Our walk-through metal detectors, conform to all International Security Standards.
They are manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001 quality procedures using the most
advanced electronic technology.
The unique patented gate design is compact utilizing minimal amounts of space. The
exterior polymer coating is extremely durable and water-resistant preventing damage to
internal components. The aesthetics of our metal detectors makes them the ideal solution
for the most demanding architectural environments. The control units are integrated into the
structures of the gates and are characterized by high reliability and immunity to
electromagnetic interference and can be integrated with cameras to take and record images
of persons suspected of possessing weapons.
All metal detectors play important ancillary function. It is not intended to replace vigilance.
Nothing replaces a well thought-out and implemented system for safety. Metal detectors
help detect items that may go unnoticed by even the most careful professional.

These are hotel locks that operate with programmable cards.
There are basically two types, the card insertion and card
proximity types.
Summit Systems Ltd markets and installs latest versions using card
proximity reading rather than insertion.
Proximity types are more recent and have an advantage over the
insertion types because they work faster and are more
efficient. A guest probably drunk, tipsy, in a hurry or trying to
escape from danger doesn't have to struggle with locating
the card slit on the door lock to insert the card. All he or she has
to do is bring the card close (about 20mm) to the lock to
gain entry. The lock features are as follows:
(a) Locks are powered by use finger size (AA) batteries, which can last for up to 18
months, but warns during the last 3 months for the user to replace the batteries. Battery
replacement is very simple, can be done by virtually anyone and does not require any
special skills. If the battery replacement warning is carelessly ignored or if any unit
becomes faulty, the locks have conventional keys that can be used to bypass the card
access so that the lock can at the interim, function as an ordinary lock.

(b) User friendly software is installed in the receptionist's computer with a card reader
hardware connected. To check in a guest, a card is inserted in the reader and
programmed to open the room selected by the guest. The card is usually programmed to
contain the following information:
- Name of customer.
- Duration of stay: - Access to the room ceases at the expiration of programmed duration
of stay.
- Room data, checkin and checkout times and dates.

(c) The smart card used for the locks also operates the card switch / energy saver which
replaces the conventional wall switch for operating the room light. Energy Saving Card
Switch can be installed in rooms to disable power from selected equipment in the room in
a case where the guest is not in the room. Refrigerators for example are expected to be on
when the guest is absent, while air conditioners and room lights should be off. Also this
card switch disables the selected equipment when the duration paid for expires.

(d) Hotel management and staff identity cards can be selectively programmed to have
access to some or all rooms for clean up, laundry, room service or other purposes. Lock
system keeps information of all entrances into rooms which can be retrieved to know who
entered the rooms and at what time.

(e) User friendly and easy-to-use desktop computer software has the following features:
- Gives information on rooms in use and free rooms.
- Gives information on used rooms that require clean up and preparation for subsequent
- Keeps full data of all guests.
- Can enable or disable any card from having access to any room.

(f) The locks are easy to repair and maintain and can be used to replace existing
conventional door locks without any major structural adjustments.
Companies of all sizes use time and attendance processes to
gather information about the amount of time employees spend
on the job. The most common tracking is the capture of an
accurate time each employee reports to work and the actual hours
they spend on the job. Other companies track detailed information
on each work task or job that is performed during the day. Time
tracking devices were invented many years ago to help ease the
burden of manually recording time and attendance
data on paper.

Automated Time & Attendance Systems provide an alternative to
mechanical time clock systems or paper-based timesheets.
The employee swipes an ID badge through the reader or places a
finger on a fingerprint scanner, at the beginning and end
of the work period. The badge/fingerprint reader data is copied
regularly to a PC running a Time Attendance Software
application that will automatically create timesheets for each
Time & Attendance Software allows companies to track and evaluate the performance
and work activities of employees using a single software application. It enables employers
to store, track and organise the most important employee time related information
in one place.
Everything needed to track and monitor employee activities and management processes
is available on a computer. This is invaluable for ensuring regulatory compliance with
working regulations and proof of attendance.Various users and markets have different
needs, requirement, and standards to comply with.

Summit Systems Ltd offers solutions that are tailored to and cater for these versatile
requirements. At Summit Systems Ltd, a range of solutions is produced either according
to customers' specific needs, or in order to comply with certain needs identified or
visualized as future prospect. Up to 15 times faster than equivalent swipe card
technology, smart cards are the clocking solution for the 21st century.
Fingerprint recognition systems are also available to compliment the smart cards,
providing a two-fold identification process for added security. These provide irrefutable
identification of an employee.

Time and attendance systems are often integrated with access control barriers and
pedestals to determine the exact time an employee arrives the workplace.
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